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  • The least common type of traumatic injury in deciduous dentition is root fracture 
  • The drug of choice in anaphylactic shock is Adrenaline.
  • Bruxism is a clinical feature in which type of cerebral palsy- athetoid
  • GNAS -1 is a gene mutated in fibrous dysplasia
  • In Dewel’s sequence of serial extraction the second most tooth to be extracted is primary 1st molar.
  • Trauma happens in an unconscious patient. There is no eye response, verbal and motor response. The investigation of choice is CT scan of head.
  • Sun ray appearance is a radiographic feature  seen in Osteosarcoma.
  • Which artery arises from greater cornu of hyoid bone? Superior thyroid artery.
  • The intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of tongue are derived from occipital somites.
  • Which oral structures do not possess submucosal layer? Gingiva and hard palate.
  • Wernicke’s area in the brain is associated with language.
  • Multiple osteomas are seen in Gardner’s syndrome.
  • Type II casting investment how to compensate casting shrinkage? Normal setting expansion.

       Incorporation of salt is done in which prosthesis? Virginia bridge

       Ischemia of central nervous system is a type of liquefactive necrosis

       The type of collagen seen in elastic cartilage is type II.

       Cranial nerve not originating from medulla oblongata is Facial nerve.

       In sickle cell crisis, the number of reticulocytes decreases.

       The reticulocytes appear as coarse chromatin mass.

       Keratomalacia is a disorder associated with Vitamin A.

       Example for non rigid connector in fixed prosthesis is Tennis Mortoise connector.

       The snowshoe principle in complete denture is for support.

       The zone of flame used for soldering alloys is Reducing zone.

  • Detoxification of free radicals occur in the cell at  endoplasmic reticulum.
  • Gas combination used in conscious sedation is N2O and O2.
  •  Bone fracture may lead to fat embolism.
  • Dautery procedure is done for TMJ dislocation.
  • TMJ disorder is a feature of Mobius syndrome.
  • Multiple impacted teeth are associated with cleido cranial dysplasia.

       Relative lightness or darkness of a color is known as Value.

       Occlusal offsets in fixed prosthesis is given for structural durability.

       The eyelid retraction sign is done in Hyperthyroidism.

       Which is not a major criteria in Rheumatic fever? Syndenham’s chorea.

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