Monday 25 October 2021

NEET-MDS 2022 exam date

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The NEET-MDS exam date has been revised due to delay in previous batch admissions.


NEET-MDS 2022 has now tentatively been scheduled for 4th June 2022. 

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List of slides for MDS Oral pathology exam

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               Are you a postgraduate student in Oral pathology? Here we have provided the list of important exam oriented slides. Feel free to go through the list and utilize for practical examination. Start preparing the identification features and points for description.





Basic- Tooth development

1. Bud stage

2. Cap stage

3. Early bell stage

4. Advanced bell stage 



1. OKC

2. Dentigerous cyst

3. Calcifying odontogenic cyst

4. Ortho-keratinized odontogenic cyst

5. Nasopalatine duct cyst

6. Radicular cyst


Neural tumours

1. Neurofibroma

2. Neurilemmoma


Bone pathology

1. Osteosarcoma

2. Fibrous dysplasia

3. Osteomyelitis

4. Paget’s disease of bone


Epithelial pathology

1. Oral squamous cell carcinoma- Grading

2. Verrucous carcinoma

3. Malignant melanoma


Odontogenic tumours

1. Adenomatoid odontogenic tumour

2. Squamous odontogenic tumour

3. Uni-cystic ameloblastoma

4. Complex odontoma

5. Cementoblastoma

6. Ameloblastic fibroma


Skin pathology

1. Lichen planus

2. Pemphigus

3. Pemphigoid


Salivary gland tumours

1. Warthin’s tumour

2. Adenoid cystic carcinoma

3. Pleomorphic adenoma

4. Muco-epidermoid carcinoma



1. Actinomycosis

2. Tubercular granuloma

3. Aspergillosis

4. Candidiasis

5. Mucormycosis







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