Monday 11 April 2022

Neet MDS 2022 exam sample questions

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 Hello everyone 

        As per the latest news, the date of NEET MDS exam is to be conducted on May 2nd this year. 

With these few days left-over days, you can quickly have a revision. 

      We are providing SUBJECT-WISE sample questions with accurate answers.

      Feel free to take down and make use of these questions for the entrance exam.


1. Loss of lacrimation is seen in the lesion of Greater petrosal nerve.


2In larynx, the only cartilage making complete ring is cricoid.


3. Epiglottis is derived from 4th branchial arch.


4.   Difference between cervical and thoracic vertebra is presence of 

foramen transversarium.


5. Function of 8th cranial nerve are balance and hearing.





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