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How to create a website in just 5 minutes using mobile phone?

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Are you interested in creating your own web page and wondering how to create it using mobile? Are you a person good in English and eager to express your thought to the world in expressive  words? Are you passionate in sharing your experience to the society? If  Yes! then you are landed in right place. In this article, you will learn how to create your own blog with unique topics with easy step by step screenshots and tips to get your blog approved  by Google AdSense.

What is a Blog?

A blog is basically a web page where a blogger makes use of it. A blog can be easily started with platforms like WordPress, Blogger, etc., that provide you with user friendly tools including design templates.

What is the difference between a blog and a website? 

  •  A blog will have comment  system where visitors of this blog can ask queries or give their valuable comments( good or bad)
  • There may be email subscription option for users where user can get regular update of each new post posted by concerned blogger.
  • Blog is dynamic in nature. A blogger can post as many contents as he/she wishes everyday. 
  • There will be ads in the blog. Ads are nothing but Google's promotional advertisement. If the blog you visit, is approved by  Google Adsense, then ads will be shown in that blog.
  • A website is static in nature which means you can see updates on a website rarely when compared with blog.
  • You may see many page from a single home page. Contents are written using PHP, CSS, HTML 5 or any front end web languages.A blog can be a part of a website, in the form of  a separate page and linked to the homepage.
  • Websites are usually run by an organization, company, school, colleges, government sectors, private sectors etc.
  • Many websites are run by business people who are realizing the potential of a blog in their marketing strategy. They are adding a separate blog section to their traditional websites and using it to get more traffic from search engines.

How to choose topics for blog?

The topic can be anything from  entertainment to your personal experience. You can write on any topic which you are familiar with. But it should be original and with good English. The topic should be unique. You can include some keywords like How to, admission, experience, IPL, Govt job and other trending keywords.

Few examples of topic that you can choose are

1. IPL cricketer's achievements.
2. Famous sports in India
3. Admission in School and Colleges
4.Famous Recipes and procedure to create it.
5. Recent Current Affairs
6. Govt exam preparation tips
7. How to crack board exam
8. Home remedies of various diseases
9. Travel and tour experience
10. Educational tutorials etc.

How to create you own blog through mobile ?

You can easily create your blog using your mobile phone. Whether it is an android mobile or iphone it does not matter. You just need google account to open a blog. Follow the steps given below and definitely you can create a blog within 10 to 15 minutes.

 Step 1:
First step to create your blog is to have one google account. If you do not have google account,  create an account and then proceed to this step. Go to Google home page--> type and you will be redirected to website. You will have a page which is similar to the image given below. Click "CREATE YOUR BLOG" button and you will be taken into another web page.

 Step 2:
You will have to sign in to the page of google account. Enter your email id and password and click "Sign In" button. If your credentials are correct you will be taken to the next page. 

Step 3:
Next step in creating the blog is providing details regarding your  blog. Enter the topic of the blog you want to create in the title space provided. Then, give the address of the blog. This will be your blog address. If the entered blog address is available then you will have a message "This blog address is available". If not, then, change the address till this message appears. Please note that whatever address you type that will get appended with dot blogspot dot com at the end. You can change it by buying a domain. I have narrated below the steps to buy a domain . Hence read this article completely.

There are default themes available by blogger site. You can choose your desired themes and finally click create blog button. Enjoy! your blog is almost ready now!

Step 4:
If you have already purchased a domain name, then you can enter the same and click "search" button. If the domain is correct, then dot blogspot dot com will be replaced with the entered blog name. If you are a new blogger or don't have domain address, you can click  "No thanks"  button and proceed to the next step.

Step 5:
Wow! You are almost done. Now click on "new post" button.  In the left side of the blogger account, you will have various link to the pages like Stats, Comments, pages, layout, Themes, settings etc. Go to layout --> Add favicon(Website icon).  Design an icon in MSPaint. Covert it to favicon icon using online tools and add it your site.  

Step 6:
Final step is to add contents to your page. In the typing area of the blogger page, add contents. Give subtitles to make your content attractive. Optionally you can add links, videos, pictures. You can also use bold, italic, underline, font style, font size tools provided at the top of the working area.

In the right side of the page, you will have something like labels, permalink, location etc. Under Labels tab, you can add keywords matching your content. Keywords are useful for you to make you web page crawled at the top of the site. Permalink is the address of your webpage. It will be automatically added when you enter your post topic. You can even change the permalink with your own text by adding underscore in between your title words.

What is web crawling? How to crawl your webpage? 

Web crawling (also known as web scraping, web spider, web robot) is one which create entries for search engine indexes. In simple terms, it is a tool which makes your blog indexed on the top page of Google. Nowadays it has been broadly applied in many fields.

Steps in crawling:

  1. First step is  visiting  search Console page of Google.
  2. Click "Add site" button in order to add your blog.
  3. Click Crawl -> Fetch as Google
  4. Click Fetch.
It may take few days to get your site fetched by Google.

How to buy a domain?

Domain is nothing but human-readable address of your site.
A domain name consists of 3 to 4 parts:

Lets take an example.

 In the above address,
www. – indicates that it’s a web address
asan – the main part of the domain
.co    – the domain suffix
 .in    -  means website hosted in India.

Eventhough there are many domain name providers , GoDaddy is the best and widely used site where you can purchase domains as per your choice with an affordable price. 

Steps in buying a domain:

  • Type GoDaddy in google and click the first option. In the GoDaddy home page, enter your desired domain name and click "search domain" button
  • If your entered domain name is available, then a list of  similar domains with all extensions like dot com, dot co dot in, dot net, dot org will be displayed with price/rate.  
  • Choose your preferred domain name and click "Add to cart" button You can select as many as domains as per your wish. Then press "continue to cart" option. You will be landed to another page  where GoDaddy will provide you additional recommendations like accident protection, linux web hosting etc. If not interested,  then select "no thanks" and scroll down. Press "continue to cart" button. 

  •  This is the final step where transaction will be performed. There will be options like Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking etc. Do the transaction and pay the amount. Within minutes you will have your domain. 
  •  Add the purchased domain to your blog and enjoy.

What is Google Adsense? How to create an account?

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows you to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

  • First go to the below link 
  • If you have Gmail account then sign in else click "Sign up now" button and enter the details.
  • You can enter the URL of your blog site that you want to show the Google ads.
  • Click "Save and continue" .
  • Finally review and accept the AdSense Terms and Conditions.
  • It will take 2 to 5 days for your accounts to get verified. If your blog is satisfactory for ads, then Google will approve it.

Tips for google Adsense approval:

Your blog should be atleast 6 months old in order to get it approved. It should be active with good stuffs. Make sure your blog should not violate Adsense rules especially copy right, plagiarism, article spinning etc. Post articles with good English. Choose unique topics which are rarely available in internet.  Add proper permalink, keywords to make your blog indexed at the first page of Google.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any queries, please give a comment below. I am happy to guide you. You can even use wordpress platform to create your blog instead of blogger site. But for new comers, I usually recommend to use because creating web page in wordpress is little bit complicated  than blogger. You may also use other platforms like squarespace, Joomla, Tumblr, Wix and lots more. Once you have created your blog, please do share your experience in the comment section below.

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