Thursday 11 November 2021

Mcqs with answers for MRB entrance exam

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 Colour based mcqs 

1. Gas cylinders-colour code

Oxygen black with white shoulder 

Nitrogen black 

Nitrous oxide blue

Carbon di oxide brownish gray

Ethylene  purple 

Helium brown

Cyclopropane orange 

2. Drugs - discoloured urine

Rifampicin     orange

Phenindione orange

Phenolphthalein pink

Nitrofurantoin brown 

3. Hemoglobin derivatives 

Oxy hemoglobin.dark red

Carboxy hemoglobin .cherry red

Deoxy hemoglobin .purple

Meth hemoglobin .dark brown 

Sulph hemoglobin . green

4. Coloured complex in periodontics

5. Metallic oxides added to dental porcelain colour 

Copper oxide    green

Iron brown

Manganese lavender 

Cobalt blue

Nickel brown 

Titanium yellowish brown 

6. cephalogram visits colour code

Pre treatment      black

Progress               blue

End of treatment red 

Retention              green

7. Fluid wax technique 

waxes used- scientist name- colour

Iowa wax  -Smith -white

Korecta No. 4 wax       Applegate- orange 

Adaptol - Nathan g. Kaye - green

H.L physiologic paste - C.s. Harkins- yellow white.

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