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How to create an award- winning poster?

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How to create an award- winning poster?

Following are the ideas and suggestions for procedure on creating a poster. You can create an e-poster and convert it into a poster at shop.


Step 1

The success formula starts from choosing an apt topic.

The topic must be in relevance to the Theme of program either a Conference or function.


Step 2

Choosing the style of poster.

The poster usually is in Portrait form while some authors choose Landscape form.

After choice is made, go to MS Powerpoint and click the required design.


Step 3

Dividing the slide into 1 horizontal section for space of TOPIC.

Then the remaining portion is split into 3 vertical sections over which the text would be typed.


Step 4

Always the poster must follow a structured format.

Introduction or Background

Aim and Objectives

Materials and Methods



Bibliography or References


Step 5

The fonts must be in 12 in size.

Colour of the fonts may be in any colour but be visible and clear to the eyes.

The margins of the poster must be in dark shades.

Then text and images are added wherever necessary.




1. Add colourful and relevant images to maximum rather than typing text in paragraphs.

2. Do not type Thank You, Author, Institution and Guide names unless you are asked to do so.

3. The background may contain a self- explanatory picture at the center of poster.

4. The font must be in contrast with colour of background to avoid fatigue to the eyes.

5. Avoid adding transitions and animations to the slide.

6. To add graphs and tables to the slide, click insert option and Chart icon and create your own graphs for RESULTS section.

7. To add graphics to the slide, click the Smart Art icon and again click Relation, Matrix or Pyramid to show the relationship between the variables.



8. The examiners usually evaluate the poster by the following criteria.

i. Is the topic innovative and apt to the theme.

ii. The content of poster.

iii. The efficacy of candidate to explain the poster.

iv. The ability of candidate to defend himself and answer their questions.


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