Thursday 18 June 2020

What is VPN? How to use it in Android and Iphone?

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Are you curious in knowing what is Virtual Private Network? Do you want to mask your IP address and geographic location and create secured connection? If yes, then you are on the right page. Read this article to know more and get a clear insight about free and paid Virtual Private Network (VPN) and shield your browsing activity from prying eyes and hackers.


When you connect to the Internet, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns you an IP address. When you surf the webpage  or watch your favorite youtube channels on the Internet, your activity may be tracked with your IP address. An IP address can be used to locate a person and to trace the activity done using that address.

What is an IP Address?

 IP stands for  Internet Protocol address. It is an identifier which uniquely identifies the devices on the internet such as PC, Laptop, Smartphones, printer, Iphone Ipad etc. In simple term, it is similar to our house address which uniquely identifies the location.  IP address uses Internet Protocol which  interconnect network devices on the internet.  With an IP address, your location, your ISP and your privacy or security can be cracked.

Do I need to hide IP address in Smartphone?

It solely depends on you. In order to surf anonymously and protect your privacy, you'll need to hide your real IP address. In some cases, you may come across the website which is restricted in your country. You may have your own reasons for hiding your IP address, but here are a few technical reasons why people hide their public IP address:
  • To hide your Location.
  •  To avoid Web Tracking.
  • To Bypass Blocked Sites on your IP Address.

How To Hide IP Address in Mobile

You can hide your IP address in your android mobile or any smart phone just by downloading android apps. I will mention some VPN for android and  if you use correct VPN in your smart phone, you can easily hide your IP address in just few seconds. You may even download the .apk  from your PC and install it on your mobile.

Some of the most trusted Google Apps (free and paid) available in Play Store to hide IP address and helps you to prevent from tracking are explained in the below paragraphs. You can just download and install any of the below trusted VPN Apps. I will first mention some free apps which are used commonly by many people followed by some paid apps.
  1. Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy
  2. TunnelBear VPN
  3. Hideman VPN
  4. Tigervpns Free VPN and Proxy
  5. Free & Premium VPN – FinchVPN
  6. Betternet Unlimited Free VPN
  7. Surfshark
  8. IPVanish
  9. VyprVPN
  10. CyberGhost
  11. Express VPN

How To Hide IP Address in iPhone

  Some of the best VPN Applications that you can use for iPhones are given below:
  •  VPN Express 
  • SurfEasy VPN
  • Spotflux
  • Hotspot Shield
  • NordVPN

Free vs Paid VPN Applications 

Free VPN- Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Improves security for free hence it acts as a money saver
  • Sign up isn't a necessary condition while using free VPN
  • Circumvent a lot of online restrictions that you face while surfing.
  • There will not be encryption process hence your privacy is vulnerable to hackers and other snoopers.
  • You will face poor internet speed due to high bandwidth being used.
  • You will also be facing some annoying advertisement breaks during surfing
Paid VPN- Advantages and disadvantages
  • In contrast with free VPN, Paid VPN provides encryption using AES 256 algorithm. So all your data are secured.
  • You will be provided with high internet speed.
  • There won't be any restriction in using internet which means you can get free access to legal content.
  • Technical support will be provided while using paid version.
  • Though it provides secured connection, if you choose wrong VPN provider, then your privacy will be under risk.

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